On, you can watch your favourite Hollywood movies, comedy shows, series, etc. The crackle activation process is given below. Again the downloading and installing of crackle applications on Android TV, Smart TV, and Android phones are given below. Then the account creating process on Crackle is also shown below. The activation process or steps of Crackle on your Smart TV, Android TV, Apple TV, and Android phones are also given below. Visit below to know in detail about Crackle. Following are the steps to activate Crackle on your device;

How to Activate on Your Smart Tv:

Before entering into the activation process, assure that you have an Android or Smart TV. You should download and install the Crackle activate application on your smart TV or Android TV. If your TV is not an Android Tv, you cannot download the application on your TV. For that, you need to connect an external device like Roku or Amazon fire stick to your TV. And then, you will get the Crackle activate application on your TV. Following are the steps to activate Crackle TV on your Smart TV or Android TV;<>

  • You will need an activation code to activate the Crackle activate TV on your smart or Android TV.
  • For that, you have to go to your Tv’s application store.
  • Then install the application if you don’t have it.
  • Now go to the home screen and open the Crackle activate Tv application.
  • There are various ways to obtain the activation code.
  • When you open the application, the activation code will appear.
  • Or, to the menu bar, you will see the My Crackle option; click on it. And then, you will get the activation code in the Activation part.
  • Or you can click on the Skip option to avoid activation by an activation code.
  • As you have gone through the activation code, note it down or keep it until activation.
  • Then take your other device that is a smartphone or computer.
  • Open the browser of your device.
  • In the URL search bar, type for the link and then click on the Search option or hit the enter button to search.
  • Now the Crackle page will open.
  • You have to enter the code and activate the application on your Smart TV.
  • That’s it.

How to install Crackle on an Android phone?

Follow the process below to install on your Android phone;

  • First of all, open the play store or any other application store on your Android phone.
  • Then in the search tab, type for Crackle and search it.
  • Then you will see the Crackle activate application in the search list.
  • Open the application.
  • Then click on the Install option to download the application.
  • After downloading the application, the installation will begin automatically.
  • Now open the application, and launching will begin.
  • Crackle will not ask you to create an account or sign in.
  • It will directly open the movies and shows page.
  • Now select any move and watch it on your Android phone.
  • That’s it.
Crackle activate

How to set up Crackle on your Apple TV?

Yes, the Crackle activate is also available for Apple TV. Following are the steps to set up the on your Apple TV;

  • Firstly make sure that your Apple TV is connected to the internet or WiFi router.
  • For that, go to the settings menu of the Apple TV.
  • Then select the network and then the Wireless connection.
  • And connect the internet router.
  • Once it is done then scroll down the applications page to find Crackle.
  • When you find the Crackle open it by pressing the Ok button on the remote.
  • Now the shows and movies will appear.
  • Then you need to select any show from the shows and open it.
  • Then click on any show or episode and click on the Play option.
  • Now you will see the Activate Crackle activate on the Apple TV page on the screen.
  • Below that, you will see the four digits activation code.
  • Keep the code as it is.
  • Now open the browser of your smartphone or computer.
  • In the browser, search for the link
  • Then, sign in with the crackle account and enter the four digits code.
  • That’s it; Crackle activate is all set on Apple TV.

How to set up Crackle on your Roku device or TV?

Following are the steps to set up the on your Roku TV or device;

  • Firstly you need to set up your Roku device.
  • And if you are new to Roku, you have to do some setup.
  • Firstly go to the language section and select your language.
  • Then pair your remote control with your device.
  • Then you have to connect your device to the internet.
  • Go to the networks and get the internet or WiFi router connected.
  • There you can choose a wired or wireless connection.
  • After connecting to the internet, it will update the software for you.
  • After the successful setup, the Roku will load the main menu screen.
  • From there, navigate downwards using the remote control to the Channel Store option.
  • And press the Ok button on the remote.
  • Then from there, navigate to the most famous option.
  • Then you will see the list of applications.
  • Scroll down the applications.
  • Below you will see the Crackle activate application.
  • Press the Ok button to open it.
  • From there, select the Add channel option.
  • Then it will be easy to find channels that you have added.
  • Then click on the Go to channel option.
  • There you can search for your favourite shows and watch them.
  • Now open any show and click on the Play option.
  • That’s it; Crackle activate is activated on a Roku device or TV.

How to create an account on

Follow the steps below;

  • Open the browser of any device.
  • Then search for the link
  • Then click on the register or Create an account option.
  • There enter your Email ID, name, etc.
  • And then enter your new password.
  • Then click on the Register or Create option.
  • Then you will receive a mail to confirm the account on .
  • Now open the mail and confirm the account is yours.
  • And that’s it; your account creating process on Crackle activate is all set.